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Episode 3 · 3 months ago

Episode 3: An Interview With Andy Stephenson

During this Episode, Apprentices Aoife and Kennedy from our Network talk to the Minister of State for Transport Andrew Stephenson. We talk to Andy about how he became Minsiter of State, his early career and the future of HS2 and what it holds for Future Apprentices of the country

Episode 2 · 4 months ago

Episode 2: An Interview With Mark Thurston

During this Episode, Apprentices Reece and Jaslene from our Network talk to HS2's Chief Executive Officer, Mark Thurston. We talk about his time as an Apprentice and how he believes HS2 has performed during the early stages of its development

Episode 1 · 6 months ago

Episode 1: An Interview With Andrew Adonis

During this Episode, our Apprentices Reece and Hannah Interview Lord Andrew Adonis as he explains his role within the creation of HS2.