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Episode 6 · 3 months ago

Episode 6: How our BBV Apprenticeships Introduced us to the Rail Industry


High Speed Tales – brought to you from the High Speed Rail Apprentice Network

Some of our Networks Balfour Beatty Vinci apprentices Callum Hughes, Parmdeep Shocker, Daniel Herbert and Alexander Dennis come together to talk about what brought them into their roles, the diversity of apprenticeships available in rail, and high speed rail and what they are working on currently….

Hello everyone, and welcome to our podcast for the HOG speared round group. I'm Calum News, I'm twenty four and I'm currently a quality apprentice at Bal for Bet Vinchi. I've always had an interest in science and engineering ever since I was a young child, which led me to go on to study chemistry at the University of not enger. But whilst I was there I realize it wasn't really for me. It's far too feoretical, far too lab base. I really wanted to get into the application of science engineering at so I left the university junior two and got a job in a factory specializing in plastics, whilst, as they are, a Larne skills on the lay of a learned skills on the mirror and learn skills like how to understand technical drawings, whilst also getting my first taste of quality, while being involved in inspections on the products we are making. Some from facts about myself include that I'm a huge boning city fan and I've never scored a point on point. That's when the football questions come up. Unto you, Dan. All right, thank you, calm so. I'm Daniel Herbert. I'm twenty three. I'm also a quality of practice for Balpha Beta Vinci. So I've always liked to challenge myself and try something to do, as I believe to always be learning helps keep your own the toes. So after finishing my degree in geography natural hazards at Commentry University two thousand and twenty, I was looking to broaden my horizons by trying something that I've not done before. So from my degree I've learned about how natural hazards, such as volcanic corruptions and the earthquakes, can happen and how they could be predicted. I found the subject very interesting, but after universe state, I was looking to step away from that while also trying to, you know, be able to use my fields and side experience, as well as the computer and I t skills I gained from by degree, but in a different context, and I thought this project be fantastic example of that. A couple of food facts part be are that I can speak German I could play the cello a great six standard. So over to you, Alex. thanks Dan. I'm Alex, stending some twent C and Sam's down. I'm a quality apprentice for about for bet nature of always been interest in engineering...

...since a young age or even did a level two and three V sec in engineering at College. Other and skills. They're like welld infracturing, cad software, and that was actually my first insult into quality what well as in we did some inspections on to the world, looking at any imperfections on our projects. And, same as Calum, I am a Birmingham City Fan herd about you party. Thanks, Alex. yet I'm pumic shock and twenty three as well, and also quality of Prentice at bbv. So for me, I was actually already interested in construction and I did a degree in it in for construction project management the Aston Uni I grew up. Graduated during covid start in two thousand and twenty. So after that I was actually unemployed for a bit until eventually got a job in retail for eight months. But obviously I knew it was in an area that was passionate about after having done a degree in construction. And you know, somewhere I wanted to be able to me, I wanted to continue to to and the eventually I got this role. So then, how can you be Deus? I did to join host big routs about for big vinchy hard to after my degree. Why test myself by learns we do, as I'd already previously mentioned, and I really wanted a job experience mainly. So I decided this project would be fantastic for me, because not only is it just about it skills and you know, look at a spread cheek for our hours, but you get a good variation in going out on site and doing some analysis work, for example. It's always keeps your ady toes and work on such a big project also means you work with a lot of interesting people and it's such a rewarding project to be part of. I'd know two days the same and I think it's fantastic. So what about you, Alex? Yeah, well, for three years before this job I worked for warehouse role in Tamworth and I just wanted to change, change,...

...seen you scenery really it's it was just getting too much for me and needed to move. So I started looking for a prentice apprenticeships on a Google for engineering, because that's been my passion for a long time, and a HSTO project came of pushing my dad mentioned and a sort about for Bet Vinchi were recruiting, so I applied for that, got the interview and thankfully I am now quality of Prentice. What about you, punt do? Yeah, so, because I did a degree instruction project management, I already knew of something I wanted to keep working with. And what better opportunity than hs to such a large project would definitely have for a lot of variation this days. So some days we could be out on sites and days in the office, and I enjoyed that change and seeing me like that. You get with the role. So yeah, so my journey of factress too, started all the way back in two thousand and nine. I think I was in year seven at school. It was just getting mentioned around score. I thought really good idea and I did not know I thend up eventually working on that project. But when I was looking to change from my job role because I felt like I had so many on, so much on tact potential, had so many skills couldn't really use in my factory, so iviously looking for jobs, I found about a bit of into a hiring quality a prentice. So I went through it and got it. And so we've been talking a lot about quality, but really what is quality like? Kind of fear Atle sends, I guess it's just me in the customers requirements, but me and allows just going to talk for a couple of the sort of day to day things we do in our job role, just so you can get real more understanding about quality. So Dan, which is what you do there, and in a like itch into mud. Well, down there we are trying to produce a tunnel at the moment so the train could pass underneath the woods rather than passing through it, and it's really interesting seeing what they're doing there because it's such a major thing to make a tunnel, because they use what they call a TBM,...

...which tunnel boring machine, to not only just, you know, take out the segments that we need to put the rings in, but then it also installs the segments themselves, which I think so really cool piece of Kit and there's not many in the world of those. So it's really rewarding and interesting part to, you know, be able to go on that and see it in operation. But the quality part of my job is to inspect the segments that are used to the tunnel constructure to make sure they're up to our specifications. So this could use skills such as checking the gaskets to see there's no dents or any damage on them or if there's any cracks or spoiling on natural concretenes themselves. So because there's so many rings that need to be used on this this tunnel, you have to check quite a lot and there's also a lot of deliveries that cover it. So we're constantly jumping in and out to make sure we're doing these inspections right. But it's a really satisfied feeling when you know something has been expected fine and it can be used to the tunnel because you know the progression of the project is fantastic. Yeah, it's really interesting to hear about tons down because I haven't had really much experience in myself. So partly what are you doing down in the main? I yeah, some of the dawn out on site quite a bit. So a part of the rollers inspection, inspection of that steel cages. So we'll have a specification that I'll come through and then steel cages will the right and according to specification we have to take the measurements for the steel cage. There's things that are will include with good things like diameter radius and then, depending on how how far out they are, then you know there still cages maybe sent back, but not to scratch. But if they are, then obviously they'll be used again. So I've actually recently moved to a different sublot. So now I'm born based in the Office for now and then I'm in just designing the quality induction. So I'm just introducing quality to the rest of the team and then I'll pass hovers about it. YEA, on that core coastal office is and...

I'm not either to on memory on site. I am basically in the office all the time doing process mapping, a Ms Work for our management system, exporting the process match to the management system. Even do a weekly brief getting the updates from each sublock to put in the weekly brief to be sent out to everyone in our team. That's pretty much it from me. What you can't yeah, so it's quite interesting to hear there that we've got aspects of quality control going on. We've parted, you can down inspecting seguments and the die from all cages. Then you've got Alex with the quality assurance side of all this process mapping. Yeah, I'm currently working in the doubt a junction part of the Hust Project, which I'm doing I'm probably integrating growth, quality assurance and quality controlled into my work. Currently working on inspection and test plans for those in the construction and you'll know what they are making sure material acceptance records are correct, but also going out like palm deep and going out on so I'm inspecting D wall cages and looking at concrete test results. So we talked about what we do in quality. But why did we really apply for quality? So, Palmdy, what? How can you went through a quality apprentice ship. So yeah, I did a degree construction, but quality was something completely new to me. I've never heard of the roles. I thought I was really interested in the field, so would be great to learn and more things about it. So this is a completely unexplored area to me. So definitely something brand new that could learn about. Yeah, I'm with you on that party. When I found an apprenticeship I was more applying it for the role about for bit inch on the HS two projects. I didn't really know much about quality during my previous job role. I was asking people who probably worked in the construction business, saying what would I be doing this quality engineer, and all they was telling me was, you know, going out on inspections. But when a when applying for the job and sort of googling...

...what I'd need to do to be a quality engineer, I found about quality assurance, which really interested me, making sure that mistakes don't happen, putting stuff in place to make sure they don't happen, whereas quality control is trying to catch these mistakes as they have. So what do you how come you got into quality, than add well, I only live a little bit about quality when I was at college and so it wasn't too familiar to me. Basically just joints this for the company really because it another company from other projects they've done throughout the equalitry and another really look company to apply for. So how about you down well for quality? I thought it was quite correct for being because I've always been quite particular about getting things right as of it. Sometimes on a park of a cafter parking two or three times from happy with the result. So come to a quality as always in by natural we know mental team down today that actions. So when approaching a task, I always thought the role would complimently quite well, and I find outcome of my work quite satisfying when it's done right. So yeah, so when it comes to quantity expectations versus what we found out quality to be, what would you say? Co'm so, like a previously mentioned, I really thought I'd just be working in quality control, going out checking concrete, checking steel cages, checking for Grand Investigations, etc. Bought up like like again, a fant this whole sort of side of quality, that quality asurance, which is to me it's probably the most interesting. All these sort of processes and procedures we can put in place to make sure that everything goes smoothly really is interesting. So you've done a lot of that process, mapping and stuff at it. So what have you work you found your quality expectations to be versus that we had it? All I thought was it was just inspections on any project, project...

...set away on Solids, but I found out that it's more than that. Its process mappy and it's we have a BMS system, we have a lot the like, ten plates, plans that we need and even fails head fast. The system was for quality. How about epumding? Yeah, so again, quality was completely brand new concept to me because I never hired and again, someone to everyone else, I just thought was simply checking things but again there's so much more to it. You got really going to the client just make sure everything does really meet the standards. I've been set out completely new contract. That's opened up a lot of new doors for me. I've learned so much here. As always been very interesting. Yeah, so retaught us a lot about the sort of delivery aspect of our company and a job role. But there's there's so much to about bit of into like the massive cultural framework we've put him. We've got the howth and safeties very looked after. We've got huge, huge, huge ethnic diver diverse workforce which is great to work with because I've grew up in an area where you finding just a lot of sort of English people. I've in my team I've got someone from the Philippines, I've got someone from Panama, got someone from Spain and someone from France and it's just really interesting working for these different cultures. So anything you've got to talk about your found interesting about the culture, about bit of inch it. Oh well, yeah, I think similar to what calum said, I just thought it would be a pretty standard off this kind of environment, but it's really not because, I mean we've been basic core. I visit quite a few times. They have quite lot of events as well, like they occasionally had some days where they brought in some food with different cultures, and you get to learn a lot more about where people are from, and that does broad and not just what you're doing, but how will the people are doing on the project as well. It's it does keep you on your toes. It's really interesting to find out all these different things and different kind of mentalities and ways of doing things. But yeah, I's would really trusting to be a part of. Yeah, yeah, that I like that point. Talked about how you fought it would just be off the space or just... sight bathed, but he really isn't like that. Especially on the apprentice Schemera or course, to do so many things to help sort of intensifyer learning. For example, just this morning before this podcast, who went to the butt the laboratory for the material Saboratory, and this is something we don't really cross in our every day job, so it's really good to get exposed to it. For example, we worked out all the different types of test we do, I'n concrete and why we do them, and all the different types of agogate we can use it. It's just really interesting. We do do loads of stuff like this. For example, for National Apprenticeship Week this week I've been going out to scores in the local area to try and promote about for beat into apprenticeships, and I'll also be going into a second we school tomorrow to Holp do some stem activities and support the kids in like building a tower. I know it sounds simple, but it really is grassroots engineering and hopefully inspire a couple kids to find it down the same route as US lads. So An, I think you'd like to end a little more pounded. Yes, I mean also mons days again kind of relate back to the culture. Think like it's really to talk to people here. People are always friendly. You know, if you just talk to them ask questions, you learn more. Yeah, you're right that I think. I think I've got one with pretty much everyone. Off had two interact with from the suject are. I feel like what we spoke about, what our manager said to us about the interviews, she was really trying to pick a team towards us as apprenticeship or sorry about that and if you'd like to add that it. Yeah, it's just amazing that all the different cultures that are here. They've got so many and you just wouldn't think there'd be this much variety. To be fair. Yeah, I'm like being when you've got it bosses all the parts. You don't feel like a boss is and you know the levels of important. You still one big team do different things. That's really nice. Yeah, especially US for quality apprentices. We all started on the same day at the same time and we've really been able to build a relationship commy lads. So we've had sort of times where you have all call my own mind what it's the football we play, some faith O, yet don't really good relationship.

It's really really does make a good come into work. You know what they say, if you enjoy you work, you never really have to work a day in your life. That's true. Yeah, yeah, so if you'd liked hearing about baffle biting inch in the apprenticeship opportunities we've going we don't just offer apprenticeships in quality, but we also offer apprenticeships in other disciplines and construction, for example, it design, human health and safety, engineering, where you could choose to go into civil engineering or did sort an engineering or quantity surveying. Now, if you're interested in any of these apprenticeships, please, please supply on the bbv website www dot Balpa v e vinci dotcode dot UK job listings and search with the reference big B v Gi triple zero five. That's a Balpa be vinchy. That code at UK job listing and use the reference bbv gi zero, zero, zero five. But that is interesting. To torture all ads and it's been really nice meeting up again and it's been really great working with the High Speed Rol Group and I'm looking forward to doing more events with them in the future. Thank you for listening. Goodbye.

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